10 Years of Reflection


10 Years of Reflection

On February 1, 2010, Arenal Fitness officially opened its doors.  While it’s so unbelievable to us that it has been 10 years, as we look back (especially at pictures of our younger selves), so much has transpired and it’s in thanks to all of the amazing and incredible people that have supported us, guided us, stuck with us, and taken a chance on us.  We would never be celebrating this milestone if it weren’t for all of you.  

What started as a conversation, turned into a dream and crazily enough, a reality.  After being introduced to CrossFit in our former place of employment where we were the Fitness Directors, (the place that shall not be named), we fell in love with this style of working out and casually discussed how it would be fun to have our own CrossFit affiliate.  Shortly after, a new Director came in and forced our hand. What became a casual conversation, quickly became a very real one. With the support and encouragement of our family, friends and former co-workers we began putting all of our energy into building Arenal Fitness.

We searched for a location but nothing was ideal.  We finally found something that we could live with, were ready to sign, but in the 11th hour, the landlord pulled out.  Down in the dumps and having not eaten all day, we stopped at Subway at the Quarry, ate a sandwich overlooking the lake, and wondered, “What the heck are we going to do now?”.  We looked at the beautiful surroundings and wondered if there was any available space for us. Soon after, we met with Richie Blue, Laurie Johnson and their team and pitched our idea and for some crazy reason, they believed in us.  They believed that these two women that worked in management but had never “owned” a business before, could build a successful one.  We can’t thank you enough for taking a chance on us!

When we finally opened our doors, many of our team members and clients followed us into our new home at the Quarry.  The level of your loyalty, support, and friendship is extremely humbling. Your belief in us, really drove us on some difficult days when it was hard to believe that we could actually pull this off.
It is one thing to have a dream and it is another to actually have it come to fruition.  Thanks to all of you for walking in our doors and making our dreams come true. Our lives have become so much more fulfilled with all of you in it.  We get SO much more than we give.  Here’s to more years to come of continuing to build amazing friendships, to achieving things that none of us knew were possible, and TRAINING TO LIVE!!!