Free Seminars!!!


Free Seminars!!!

Our Holiday Gift to You!!  With the holidays coming up we wanted to show our appreciation to all of you by offering you FREE seminars to close out 2013 and kick off 2014 which will enhance your performance AND teach you how to majorly kick some butt should you ever be in a dangerous situation.  

Tools of the Trade by Geoff Blake Sunday, November 24th 8:30-10am 

  Belts, shoes, straps, sleeves, grips, oh my! When to use them, how to use them, and who uses them? Let’s take a journey into the strength and conditioning world, and look at the tools and accessories at our disposal for Optimal Training as a CrossFitter or Strength Athlete. This 90 minute seminar is designed to give you the confidence to know all of lifters accessories and know when to use them. Your experience level doesn’t matter, just your willingness to learn. 🙂

 Journey To Rx by Meghann Holloway

Sunday, December 15th 11-12:30pm   

The indulgences of the holiday season are just around the corner. It is prime time for setting the tone for the close of 2013 and to plan your upcoming year.  The seminar is for everyone who wants to get the most out of their time in the gym and will be especially helpful to those still on their journey to Rx. It will be about an hour of classroom style instruction and will finish with a Q&A, so please bring your Q’s or else we’ll all just be sitting around for 30 minutes looking like a bunch of A’s. We will cover some very important topics like “I’ve been CrossFitting for awhile now, so why is this still so hard?”, “I just started CrossFitting, when will I look like 2012 & 2013 CrossFit games champion Rich Froning?” as well as tactical goal setting, defining WOD success and helping to find your scaling “sweet spot” to keep you making progress throughout the year.  

CrossFit Kids Seminar and Demo Workout by Tori Weitzel

Saturday, January 25th 11:45-12:45pm   

It’s been proven that exercise has nothing but a positive effect both mentally and physically on children.  Exercise has a direct impact on grades, productivity, sports performance, self-esteem, and social skills.  Arenal Fitness is focused on getting kids involved in exercise early in life, and through CrossFit Kids, exercise and fun go together. Children will have a positive association of exercise from a young age if they participate in this program, helping them form a positive association with exercise for the rest of their lives.

Read this article for more detailed information.

Not only do we want to help your children have a positive association with exercise, but we want to assist them in succeeding in school and government fitness tests.  There are minimum standards of athletic performance set in school systems (Fitnessgram), by our government (Presidential Fitness Challenge), and sports teams for the kids to perform at a certain physical ability level.  

Self Defense by Chris Day

Sunday, January 26th 9-11am      

CrossFit has transformed your body and improved your general physical preparedness.  You have and continue to effectively prepare yourself for unknown and unknowable physical challenges. Unfortunately, physical fitness is in no way a predictor of your ability to protect yourself or your family.  Self defense is largely a mental skill set with physicality filling in the gaps. Luckily CrossFit has built in all the components we need and with a few new connections all of us can be ready for any ugly situations life throws at us. Come spend a couple hours learning how to use what CrossFit and natural instinct has given you to become a criminals worst nightmare. There will be discussion and practical exercises included in this time. There will be contact exercises, but they will be conducted only at a low speed technique level. If you think you want to bring children, please contact Chris first, [email protected].  

You may want to bring a chair for the classroom instruction portions of the seminars.

We hope you take advantage of and enjoy these seminars.  See you there!


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