2 days to go and 2 ways to get…


2 days to go and 2 ways to get…

2 days to go and 2 ways to get…the best holiday gift from Arenal Fitness from 11/26 through 11/28/12

Only $75 for Basics + 10 group Classes for the program of your choosing – CrossFit, CrossFit Kettlebell, and CrossFit Striking. 

Way # 1: buy the deal right from your Arenal Fitness online account
1a) Already have an online account with us? Go right to the deal (Holiday Gift ’12…), click here

1b)  Create a new online account…click here (Sign Up, “New To Our Site”) then once that is complete click here to get the deal from your online store under Contracts (Holiday Gift ’12…).

Way #2: create your own and personalize a gift certificate to Arenal Fitness. Click here.

For any further questions email Lauren and Donna at [email protected]