WOD – Thursday, 6/24/10


WOD – Thursday, 6/24/10

Only the words from our CFitters can do today’s WOD justice.  From some of their Facebook posts:

Beth Miller- VonBriesen ‘s WOD tonight was a 5K. She completed it. She did it. It was a bazillion degrees at 5:30 but she completed it Thank you to Jamel Smith, Susan Simpson, Dawn Smyers and Jen Wilson for Inspiration.

Susan Simpson Beth, you did an awesome job tonight. I admire your tenacity! Beth Miller- VonBriesen Thank you guys so much! Jamel Smith Hey kiddo!! You commited yourself and then you accepted nothing less…”There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you’re commited to something, you accept accept no excuses, only results.” Nice job today! Garrett Brooks HMMMM! Sweat! Nice!! Beth Miller- VonBriesen Thanks Jamel. I totally love you! You are amazing. And Garrett. Sweat, nothing short of buckets in bazillion degree weather….LOL Don Chance Great job Beth! My hat’s off to anyone who ran outside today. It was too much for me.

Nora Gohn ran a 5K with my awesome crossfitters today!! 98 degrees won’t stop us ;p I love them… and their sweaty asses.

Yvette Nash So I missed yesterday’s “Filthy Fifty” workout only to catch today’s 5K run (me + running = poopie). I’m not sure there was a win in there at all. Thanks to Susan for sticking with me and to my awesome group of co-CrossFitters that cheered me on in the end. Oh and it was my first 5K ever.

Lisa Vaughan-Spence Went to crossfit tonight and the workout was only one thing, Good you might think? Well the one thing was to run a 5k.(3 miles) Mission accomplished!!! The heat and hills like to kill me, but with the support of Jamel(I love that man) and his 2min run 2min walk strategy I finished in 48 min. Trying to get ready for a 10k (6 miles) in October. I can and will be ready.

Darsheika Giles Do it girl. That’s wonderful! Rosemarie Ann Morrow I know U can do it Im proud of U Lauren Closic Bunney You are an inspiration. It’s people like you who keep us motivated to go to work everyday and love what we do. Is it really “work”??? NOT AT ALL!!! Ginger Rodriguez OMG great job!!!!! I am so happy for you Lisa!!! doesn’t it feel great!!! OK girl i will train for a 10 K also, I have to keep up with you!! SO PROUD OF YOU!! Lisa Vaughan-Spence Thanks Lauren>. Crossfit has really become something special to me you should be proud of the work that you do I am so happy your business is growing Lisa Vaughan-Spence @ Ginger Thank you I wish we could train together You inspire me every day Beth Miller- VonBriesen came home, took a bath, ate and went to bed…OMG! We did it. Sure wish you did it with me too! We are awesome. I couldn’t run the second part but I finished in 55 minutes. We made it!

Beth Miller- VonBriesen has a little sun burn on her face, a little stiffness in her legs and back from yesterdays 5K WOD but still, she feels like a million bucks!!!! Happy ( . Y . ) Flashing Friday everyone!!

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