A CrossFitter’s Holiday Wishlist (2019)

by Andrew Clark (Coach-in-Training)
A CrossFitter's Holiday Wishlist

A CrossFitter’s Holiday Wishlist (2019)

No matter your faith tradition (or not), you’re likely going to get this question from friends and family as they scramble to shop for the holidays, “Can you give me some ideas of what you want?” Alternatively, maybe you’re skipping out on the whole gift-giving thing and want to treat yourself to some new gear with an end of year bonus. With these situations in mind, I present to you a CrossFitter’s wishlist as inspiration. The list, while no means exhaustive, tries to touch on items that come to mind from my experiences as an athlete and aspiring coach and hopefully take your workouts to the next level.

Proper Training Shoes

Enhance your workouts with a pair of flat-bottomed trainers, which will provide greater stability and help keep your feet planted for different movements. Two of the most common styles you’ll encounter are Nike Metcons (my personal favorite) and Reebok Nanos; Under Armour and Inov8 also offer CrossFit-style collections. Despite what the marketing says, each brand provides comparable models that vary slightly in cushioning and fit, so go with what feels best on your feet.

Personal Jump Rope

If being able to do double unders is one of your 2020 goals, you’ll want to invest in a jump rope. As a guy who struggled with the inexpensive plastic ropes most boxes have, buying a $30 speed rope helped a lot. Things you should be looking for include easy to adjust cables/handles to obtain the correct length and a rope coated in a thin plastic shell. One retailer that gives a lot of guidance on finding the right product is Rogue Fitness. Another option is purchasing one from Dawn Smyers, who will make you a fully customized rope for $15; submit your orders to [email protected] along with your height.

Knee High Socks

Keep your legs silky smooth and pain-free with a pair of knee-high socks for WODs involving rope climbs. As a guy who also enjoys cycling, I opt for biking socks from retailers, such as Swiftwick, Handlebar Mustache, and Defeet. Each company sells socks that’ll keep your legs safe and won’t break the bank.

Face Cleansing Wipes

Leave the sweat at the gym and show your best post-WOD face to the world with wet wipes. Thanks to my wife’s recommendation, I can attest to my skin’s health before and after introducing wipes into my gym routine. I’m a big fan of the citrus-scented variety sold by grocery store Sprouts. However, pick one that works for your skin, and stash a pack in your gym bag or car.

Hydration Supplements

If you’re finding yourself tired mid-workout despite drinking plenty of water, you might require electrolytes, namely potassium and sodium. Sure, water alone is a great thing, but during especially strenuous workouts, your body is going to be sweating out these essential minerals. As a result, you may want to add a flavored hydration tablet or mix to your water bottle. Well-established and quality brands I can attest to include Nuun, Skratch, and Science in Sport. Oh, and there are always pickle juice shots.

Meal Prep Help

Consistently showing up for workouts is one part of achieving your fitness goals; the other is nutrition. Set yourself up for success by asking for a meal prep kit if you’re up for cooking. If you’re still honing your culinary skills, ask for a subscription to one of the many pre-made food services, like Territory (already being delivered weekly to Arenal Fitness) or regional start-up, Scratch Made. Your body and wallet will thank you for making smarter food choices.

Foam Roller or Ball

Mobilize at home or the office with a piece of mobility equipment, e.g., foam roller or ball. These items are available in many major retailers and online for cheap, and the benefits of rolling or stretching can’t be understated. You’ll move easier in and outside of the gym, gain more from rest, and aid your muscle recovery.

Contributed by Coach-in-Training Andrew Clark.