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Throughout our lives, we may all experience physical and mental challenges that prevent us from being able to live our best lives. At Arenal Fitness, we are no different from anyone else. We too have faced challenges and have come out the other side. Through our own life experiences, we have found passion in our work and want to help others to feel empowered and resilient with whatever obstacles you may face in your life.

Scientific research has proven that incorporating a fitness regimen into your daily routine will make you feel more energized and stronger, and therefore more engaged and productive in work, family life, and play.

Let us help guide you in your fitness journey where you will do things that you never thought possible. We want to help you to train to LIVE and have the best life possible.

About Arenal

Arenal (R-N-Nal) Fitness, established in 2010 and voted Baltimore’s Best, is a 24/7 access, 5,000 square foot functional training facility that offers a variety of CrossFit group classes, personal training options, and General Memberships to all ages and demographics. The high energy training and programs that we teach in our facility inspired us to name ourselves after the active Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

When you walk into Arenal Fitness you will see some traditional pieces of cardiovascular and strength training equipment but will quickly notice that what we offer is more geared to free weight and functional movements. This is because we want to focus on exercises that will help you to function better in your everyday life. Why go to a gym and spend countless hours performing arm curls and leg extensions, which will never help you to pick your child off of the floor or easily get out of a chair? Come to Arenal Fitness and learn movements that you can practically apply to your daily routine!!

If you are used to a more traditional style of training, we will be happy to take you through a complimentary demo workout to for you to experience a true functional training workout.

What you will find at Arenal Fitness:
  • 4 private unisex changing restrooms, 3 of which have showers
  • Free Weights – barbells, dumbells, and kettlebells
  • Cardio – bikes, treadmills, elliptical
  • Toys like medicine balls, slam balls, jump ropes, jump boxes, tires, and so much more…
  • An endless extended family you never knew you had!!!

Our Story

Donna Pierce and Lauren Closic have worked in the fitness industry for a combined 37 years, 14 years virtually side by side.

After becoming Certified CrossFit instructors in 2007, Donna and Lauren realized that this was their true passion and decided to work towards developing their own box. The idea was to bring their love of CrossFit to the masses and help people realize how much they are capable of doing; from the person who has never exercised before to the elite athlete.

In addition to being Level 1 CrossFit instructors, Donna and Lauren also hold the following certifications:
  • CrossFit Kettlebells
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting
  • CrossFit Kids
  • CrossFit Football
  • Mud Chasers Trainers
  • Conditioning Exercise Specialists
  • Post-Rehab Exercise Specialists
  • Medical Exercise Specialists

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