COVID-19 Info Page – Updated 5/15/21

Please continue to check back periodically and stay up to date on all government guidelines & mandates as well as gym procedures and protocols.
To Our Arenal Fitness Family,

They say patience is a virtue. And boy have we all been patient! We are thrilled that the CDC and the State of Maryland have adjusted their recommendations with regard to wearing masks.As of today (5/15/21), masks are no longer mandated to be worn inside the gym. However, we strongly encourage masks for anyone who is not fully vaccinated, has risk factors, or whose comfort level dictates. In summary:
> Masks optional, not mandated
> Social distancing not mandated
> Temperature checks no longer required
> Daily health screenings no longer required
> We still require all visits accounted for in MindBody – Class ReservationsOpen Gym
> Personal Training appointments still reserved through your Personal Trainer

As always, our pre-covid cleaning policies are still in place. Please continue to use gym wipes to wipe down everything you touch.

Our current Personal Training and Group Class structure will remain the same. Stay tuned for updates as we adjust to this next phase.

Lauren & Donna

Lauren & Donna

COVID Waiver – Everyone will be prompted to sign a new waiver in your Mindbody account to include COVID information. Here is the new verbiage that has been included in your agreement with Arenal Fitness.

STOP – DO NOT ENTER – read through this before making your trip to Arenal Fitness to workout.

PRE-WORKOUT Entry Questionnaire – all participants will be required to fill out this form before entering Arenal Fitness prior to each and every workout session. Simply click the link right from your phone or tablet while in your car.

For your reference, please be familiar with our strict guidelines for working out at Arenal Fitness:



Please keep this page link on file for your reference and stay up to date on all COVID policies and procedures.