CF & KB WODs Monday 11/22/10


CF & KB WODs Monday 11/22/10

In “Fran” the Rx weight is 95/65 so, when you look at this WOD, you might think, “Oh, this weight, not so bad.  BRING IT ON!!”

But, if you look closer, it’s for 5 rounds.  🙂  Some of our CFitters today who went into this WOD scaling decided in the middle of it, to go for IT!  To continue on and do it Rx!!  And they did it!  Finished it! And proved they could do more than they thought they could.  That’s what it is all about.

CF Class WOD: Five rounds for time of: Run 400 meters 65/45 pound Thruster, 30 reps

Dueling kettlebells is the game plan for this WOD.  1 kettlebell in each hand and getting them moving in a rhythmic pattern through space using your whole body.  WHAT A GREAT WORKOUT!!! You whole body is done in just 30 minutes!!!

KB WOD: 15 minute AMRAP

Dual Clean, 10 reps Dual Push Press, 10 reps Russian Swing 20 reps

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