CF & KB WODs Saturday, 11/27/10


CF & KB WODs Saturday, 11/27/10

Today’s CF class WOD is done as a team.  One team member starts on the rower. Once they are finished, they will move to the next exercise (push press) and the second person on the team will start the rower. Team members will keep cycling through the exercises but cannot move on to the next exercise until the team member ahead of them has finished. First team (each team member has completed each exercise) to finish wins.

CF Class WOD: Row 20cal 20 KB Push Press 35 – 40/20-25 50 Double Unders 20 Box Jump 30/24″ 20 Wall Ball 20/14lb 20 Bench Press 135/85 3 Rope Ascents


5 Rounds or 20 minutes

200m run 15R/15L One arm KB deadlift (touch bell on the outside of foot) 30 Situps 30 KB Russian swings

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