CF & KB WODs Tuesday 12/14/10


CF & KB WODs Tuesday 12/14/10

2 great classes today.  First for the CF general conditioning class, who would have thought Fight Gone Bad could go Cardio on us?  IT DID!!!  Second for the Kettlebell WOD, who thought you only used kettlebells in that class?  Burpees can haunt you everywhere you go.  🙂

CF Class WOD: Cardio Gone Bad – (Fight Gone Bad style) Complete three, 5-minute rounds, spending one minute at each movement in each round. Take a one minute rest between rounds. Row for Calories Box Jumps (20″) Double Unders (substitute is Tuck Jumps) Burpees 10m Suicide Run (1 point for every 10 m) – 32 feet

KB Class WOD:

10 Rounds 7 American Swings 5 Burpees


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