A CrossFitter’s Holiday Wishlist (2020)

by Coach Andrew Clark

A CrossFitter’s Holiday Wishlist (2020)

It’s that time of year again where you’re going to be asked by loved ones, “What are some gift ideas for the holidays?” Alternatively, maybe you’re skipping out on the whole gift-giving thing and are going to treat yourself to some new gear.

With these situations in mind, I present to you a CrossFitter’s wishlist as inspiration tailored to the realities of 2020. The list, while no means exhaustive, tries to touch on items that come to mind from my experiences as an athlete and a coach to make either outdoor or at-home workouts better.

Cold-Weather Workout Gear

Make the best of a chilly situation this year by investing in quality, cold-weather workout gear. Personally, I struggle mostly with keeping my hands, feet, and head warm so I’ve bought items, such as Smartwool cycling socks and a pair of cool temperature cycling gloves. These light-weight, yet warm accessories allow me to move easily while working out and don’t feel overly bulky.

Personal Jump Rope

If being able to do double unders is one of your 2021 goals, you’ll want to invest in a jump rope. As a guy who struggled with the inexpensive plastic ropes most boxes have, buying a $30 speed rope helped a lot. Things you should be looking for include easy to adjust cables/handles to obtain the correct length and a rope coated in a thin plastic shell. One retailer that gives a lot of guidance on finding the right product is Rogue Fitness. Another option is purchasing one from Dawn Smyers, who will make you a fully customized rope for $15; submit your orders to [email protected] along with your height.

Sandbag or Kettlebell

With a lot of gym equipment being out of stock since the spring, especially barbells and dumbbells, outfitting a home workout space has been difficult. Kettlebells and sandbags, however, are more readily available and offer versatility in terms of movements you can do with them. In 2020, I purchased one of each seeing that having a new-born would likely restrict my visits to the gym. For the kettlebell, I went with a Rogue E-Coat 35 lbs. version; for the sandbag, I picked up a Brute Force Athlete kit. Both pieces of equipment help me get in some weight training at home without taking up a lot of space and can be easily taken outdoors if needed.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Music makes even the most grueling workouts better. Pick up a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can take outdoors or into your home’s workout space. Earlier this year I purchased a JBL Clip 3 speaker that is waterproof, light-weight, and compact – all without sacrificing high-quality audio. Sync up your phone and get moving.

Meal Prep Help

Consistently showing up for workouts is one part of achieving your fitness goals; the other is nutrition. Set yourself up for success by asking for a meal prep kit if you’re up for cooking. If you’re still honing your culinary skills, ask for a subscription to one of the many pre-made food services, like Territory or regional start-up, Scratch Made. Your body and wallet will thank you for making smarter food choices.

Foam Roller or Ball / Massager

Mobilize at home with a piece of mobility equipment, e.g., foam roller or ball. These items are available in many major retailers and online at various price points, and the benefits of rolling or stretching can’t be understated. You’ll move easier in and outside of the gym, gain more from rest, and aid your muscle recovery. An economical option is available at Perform Better; more upscale options include the Hyperice line of massager balls and the Ugo, a compact percussive massager from Miko.

Arenal Fitness Black Friday Deals

Lastly, don’t forget to support local and small businesses like us. Arenal Fitness is offering their Black Friday specials through the end of the year. Whether you buy someone a 5-class pass or a stocking stuffer t-shirt, Arenal Fitness appreciates your support and you can never go wrong with a gift of fitness.

Contributed by Coach Andrew Clark.

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