FREE SEMINAR – CrossFit Kids Seminar and Demo


FREE SEMINAR – CrossFit Kids Seminar and Demo


CrossFit Kids Seminar and Demo Workout by Tori Weitzel

Saturday, January 25th 11:45-12:45pm 

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It’s been proven that exercise has nothing but a positive effect both mentally and physically on children.  Exercise has a direct impact on grades, productivity, sports performance, self-esteem, and social skills.  Arenal Fitness is focused on getting kids involved in exercise early in life, and through CrossFit Kids, exercise and fun go together. Children will have a positive association of exercise from a young age if they participate in this program, helping them form a positive association with exercise for the rest of their lives.

Read this article for more detailed information. Not only do we want to help your children have a positive association with exercise, but we want to assist them in succeeding in school and government fitness tests.  There are minimum standards of athletic performance set in school systems (Fitnessgram), by our government (Presidential Fitness Challenge), and sports teams for the kids to perform at a certain physical ability level. Here are also some good articles about video games and heart issues and to Rate your childs PE program at school. Let us help you help your child become more active, make healthier food choices, and lead an overall healthy lifestyle. Contact Lauren and Donna, [email protected], for more information.]]>