WODs for Friday 1/14/11


WODs for Friday 1/14/11

Running for both of our CF class types today. “Death By 10 meters” for our CF general conditioning class and 1/2 mile total run for our kettlebell class.  Yup, that’s right.  The kettlebell classes are not just about swing around this weird looking thing through the air.

“Death By 10 meters”?!?! I’m exercising to avoid “death”! What kind of workout is this? First round run 10m, every minute on the minute add 10m. Second round run 2 lengths, third round 3 lengths, etc. You’re adding one return trip every minute until you can no longer continue.

Try it, it’s makes a cardio WOD fun and interesting.  🙂

KB WOD: 15 KB Dual Thrusters 15 Pull-ups 400m run 21 OH Swing 12 Pull-ups 400m Run 9 KB Deadlift 9 Push-ups

CF Class WOD:

Death by 10 meters

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