G-WOD for Sunday, 8/3/14


G-WOD for Sunday, 8/3/14

G-WOD: REVIEW 10-15 minutes: Ring Push-Ups

The push-up is taken to the rings, where the support or finish position externally rotates the shoulders. Getting organized with a tight belly and squeezed butt is essential to hold The Position and allows the athlete to initiate the movement through the shoulders as opposed to the elbows. Initiate through the elbows, and you’re making a mistake that can lead to injury. Proper push-up mechanics translate into proper bench-pressing and overhead-lifting mechanics.

Kipping: http://gymnasticswod.com/content/bar-kip-progression

then: For REPS

3 min max reps Ring Push-Ups Rest 3 minutes 3 min max reps Kipping Pull Ups

then: Met-con: 4 rounds for time of: Walking Lunge, 50 m 50 Sit-up (standard)s

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #1

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