Happy St. Patrick's Day WODs 3/17/11


Happy St. Patrick's Day WODs 3/17/11

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  Have we got a partner WOD for you!!!  It’s all in the spirit of things.  We wish you the luck of the Irish during your WOD today!!! Partner’s take turns completing each exercise. Partner A drinks beer from cup while Partner B completes all reps of the 1st exercise. They then switch, Partner B drinks beer while Partner A completes all reps of the first exercise before moving to the next station. Continue moving in this same format through each exercise until finished.

CF Class WOD:

17 Pushups 17 Situps 17 Box Jumps 24″ Box 17 Pullups 17 Jumping Squats 17 Knee-to-elbows 17 Wall Ball Shots 17 Dips 17 Walking Lunge Steps (Left/Right=1) 17 Handstand Pushups 17 Double Unders or Tuck Jumps 17 Hip Extensions 17 KB swings (1 pood) 17 Lateral Jumps over parallete 17 Squats 17 Broad Jumps 17 Burpees

KB Class WOD:

17 Russian Swings 17 1/2 rotation switch (Left/right = 1) 17 Jumping Squats 17 Sit-ups 17 2 Hand Release 17 Tactical Lunges (Left/right = 1) 17 Push-Ups 17 Tuck Jumps 17 Burpees

**There will be a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer and some sort of carbonated water for those that don’t drink beer. They must drink the carbonated water! If they wear green to the workout, there is no point loss if they are participating in the Paleo Challenge.

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