Happy Thanksgiving WOD – 11/23/17


Happy Thanksgiving WOD – 11/23/17

Team (4) WOD:  “Coming to the New Land”:  

For time:

Sail to America:  3000m Row Tramp through the forest to explore the land: 200 Walking Lunges Climb Turkey Mountain:  200 Mountain Climbers Quietly lie in wait for the turkeys:  200 Hollow Rocks Get the turkeys! Are you a good (WB) shot? 200 Wall Balls (20/14) You’re a terrible shot, pick vegetables instead: 100 DB Snatch Climb trees to pick apples for applesauce:  50 MUs/100 pull (1 MU = 2 pull) Invite your friends over for dinner: 150 Burpees

1 person works 1 person in the team must be holding a static hold (hang from pull up bar, wall sit, plank hold) 2 people rest

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