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Option 1
I want to learn how to train to LIVE using CrossFit functional training.

Sign up below to set up a Free introductory session. The Free Intro is an hour-long training session scheduled by appointment. Come by yourself or bring a friend. You will learn the CrossFit methodology, walk through the lay of the land, learn some basic body weight movements along with some cardio and mobility exercises. Putting these newly learned movements to the test in a workout will conclude your session so you can get a taste of what functional training is like and what we do on a daily basis.

Option 2
I already train to LIVE using CrossFit functional training and want to join Arenal Fitness.

Are you an experienced CFitter, have previously trained at a registered CrossFit Affiliate and are looking to join Arenal Fitness?  Sign up below to get started with our Basics 101 4-session program to review and refresh your skills or for our Basics Challenge if you want to schedule a 1 hour session to review your current level and learn kettlebell specific movements beyond the basic swing.

Option 3
I’m ready to train to LIVE! Sign Me Up!

Click here to register online and purchase your All Inclusive Membership in your online store. Be sure to Email Us to schedule your 4-Basics 101 training sessions. Please Let us know the general days and times you are available for the next 2 weeks.

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