Jan's Thanksgiving Day WOD 2018


Jan's Thanksgiving Day WOD 2018

Jan’s Thanksgiving Day WOD

“45 million Turkeys are Murdered each year at Thanksgiving (Peta.Org)”

“The average weight of a turkey purchased at Thanksgiving is 15 pounds.”

Partner Workout – Two Partner, One working at a Time

Pick a turkey  (25#, 15#) – plate (drop the plate and do 5 burpees)

Dinner Scaling Options: ———————– Nuclear Family: 15lbs Extended Family: 25lbs Friends and Family: 35lbs Friends, Family, and Crazy Uncle Pukie: 45lbs

Warm-Up: ——– 5 junk yard dogs as warm up, each

Buy-In: 800m Turkey plate run, sing ABC song and switch plate between partner

# Reps. Each & alternating

45 Push-ups 45 Side twists with turkey (sitting back-2-back, handing turkey to each other) 45 Turkey sit-ups 45 Ground to Overhead 45 Turkey air squats 45 Box step-ups with turkey, 24″/20″ 45 Turkey Lunges 45 Pull-ups, partner holding turkey over-head

Buy-Out: 30 burpees jump over the plate