KB & CF WODs Tuesday, 12/21/10


KB & CF WODs Tuesday, 12/21/10

Lunge with pass…  What the h— is that? As you lower into your lunge, pass the kettlebell between your legs to the opposite hand. Bring your back leg up as you stand and return to your beginning position. Repeat the kettlebell lunge with pass with the opposite and arm and leg. Try it, IT’S FUN!!!! Also, for our general conditioning CF class WOD, our CFitters met “Annie” head on and blew away a lot of their previous times, by minutes!!  Yipee!!!! Getting stronger each and every WOD!!!

KB Class WOD:

50 Amer. Swings 40 Snatch 30 C&P 20 Lunge W/pass (alternate legs) 10 Burpee 400m run or row

CF Class WOD:


50-40-30-20 and10 rep rounds of: Double-unders Sit-ups

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