Kettlebell Class Coming Soon to Arenal Fitness


Kettlebell Class Coming Soon to Arenal Fitness

Kettlebell Memberships beginning October 11, 2010

“Catch It If You Can”

What is Kettlebell Training?:

“The kettlebell is an extremely versatile ‘old school’ strength and conditioning implement.  Used properly, it can build functional strength, stamina, flexibility, and amazingly rehabilitate old injuries.  Used incorrectly, it can aggravate old injuries or quickly create new ones.  The difference is in the details.” – Jeff Martone, CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor Trainer

Learn Kettlebell movements with a CrossFit Kettlebell Certified Instructor such as the Russian Swing, American Swing, H2H swings (Hand to Hand), Turkish Get-ups, Cleans, Snatches, etc.

How Do I Get Started?:

Everyone will begin with the Kettlebell Basics in order to learn the movements prior to taking classes. You can register for Kettlebell Basics in our online system by going to and then clicking on “Online Registration”.  If you are already registered in our system, you will just need to purchase this item in your online store. The Basics is $100 for 4 sessions which is scheduled by appointment.  Contact Arenal Fitness via e-mail, [email protected] or call us, 410-653-7878 to schedule your appointments.

I completed Kettlebell Basics, now what?:

Now you are ready to participate in the classes.  You can go into your online store (under Contracts) and sign up for your CrossFit Kettlebell membership of $50 per month for unlimited classes (annual contract). Month to month pricing also available.

When are classes held?:

Monday & Wednesday:  9:30am

Tuesday & Thursday:  7:30pm

Saturday:  10:30am

*Classes are 30 minutes long.  Believe us, you don’t want to grip that Kettlebell for more than 30 minutes at a time.  🙂

Special Offer to our Current Members:

$25 per month for unlimited Kettlebell classes through the end of the year.  Must complete Kettlebell Basics.  Special rate ends 12/31/10 at which time, the regularly offered price of $50 per month for unlimited Kettlebell classes begins.