Leader Of The Pack 2015 – WOD 3 Heat Listings


Leader Of The Pack 2015 – WOD 3 Heat Listings

Leader Of The Pack

WOD 3 “Drag & Fly”

Approximately 10am-1:00pm

Assigned heats are approximately 1 hour before or after your WOD 1 heat.
Athlete Number Division Athlete Last Name Athlete First Name
Heat Time Range 10:00-11:00
601 Women’s Big Dawg Duncan Tierra
602 Women’s Big Dawg Rahall Anne
603 Women’s Big Dawg Toback Shannon
604 Women’s Big Dawg Johnson Jasmine
605 Women’s Big Dawg Stookey Alyssa
606 Men’s Puppies Nair Hari
607 Men’s Puppies Pappas Ben
608 Men’s Puppies Davis Riley
609 Men’s Pack Kirk Preston
610 Men’s Pack McMahon Michael
701 Men’s Pack Bayerle Tim
702 Men’s Pack Wheeler Jr Rommie K
703 Men’s Pack Stewart Charles
704 Men’s Pack Beley Rick
705 Men’s Pack Martin Jeffrey
706 Men’s Pack Hall Jr Richard
707 Men’s Pack Street Bailey
708 Men’s Pack Pappas Scott
709 Men’s Pack Wimmer Jack
710 Men’s Pack High John
801 Men’s Pack Duncan Christopher
802 Men’s Pack Kuge Donald
803 Men’s Pack Pate Terry
804 Men’s Pack Rogers James
805 Men’s Pack knable stephen
904 Men’s Big Dawg Parker MP
906 Men’s Big Dawg Pierson Dave
1001 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” Anders Brendan
1002 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” Russell David
1003 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” Kane Michael
1004 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” Wallen John
1005 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” Ince Irwyn
1006 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” Dugan Sean
1007 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” Raico Pasquale
1008 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” McCubbin Patrick
1009 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” Dexter Scott
1010 Men’s Masters “Ol’ Yeller” Kush Aaron
Heat Time Range 11:00-12:00
101 Women’s Pups Hitz Liz
102 Women’s Pups Kuge Garrett
103 Women’s Pups McDonald Tasmyn
104 Women’s Pups Dexter Heather
105 Women’s Pups Downey Mollie
106 Women’s Pack Cordivano Nadine
107 Women’s Pack Chiappelli Dina
108 Women’s Pack Webb Erica
109 Women’s Pack Liu-Young Donnajeanne
110 Women’s Pack Swauger Lacy
201 Women’s Pups Bender Caitlin
202 Women’s Pups Kalb Newman Anna
203 Women’s Pups Rathburn Bronwyn
204 Women’s Pups Carver Sarah
205 Women’s Pups Nickey Madison
206 Women’s Pack Hahn Kimberly
207 Women’s Pack Speck Carrie
208 Women’s Pack Wacker Rachel
209 Women’s Pack Fox Kristin
210 Women’s Pack Menard Mary Kate
306 Women’s Pack Deardorff Jan
307 Women’s Pack Gurko Ali
308 Women’s Pack Rutan Ashley
309 Women’s Pack Banning Brenda
310 Women’s Pack Noone Roni
409 Women’s Pack Pham Ashley
410 Women’s Pack Stefanosky Julianna
505 Women’s Big Dawg Duncan Lisa
509 Men’s Pups Bender Brian
510 Men’s Pups Barker Steve
905 Men’s Big Dawg Stimson Jared
Heat Time Range 11:25-12:25
301 Women’s Pups Mahanti Tracey
302 Women’s Pups Dalton Heather
303 Women’s Pups Harris Kim
304 Women’s Pups Foreman Adrianne
305 Women’s Pups Sankonis Stacey
401 Women’s Pups Nader Kendra
402 Women’s Pups Candido Larissa
403 Women’s Pups Martin Hayley
404 Women’s Pups Williams Nikia
405 Women’s Pups Heller Kyra
501 Women’s Pups Hoyner Jen
502 Women’s Pups Cohn Tiffany
Heat Time Range 12:00-1:00
406 Women’s Pack Kimmey Casey
407 Women’s Pack Lombardi Diana
408 Women’s Pack Travis Erin
503 Women’s Masters bonner janice
504 Women’s Masters Dorman Jennifer
506 Men’s Pups Gray Stephen
507 Men’s Pups Burns Brady
508 Men’s Pups Simonetti Zachary
807 Men’s Big Dawg Stefanosky Justin
808 Men’s Big Dawg Fink John
809 Men’s Big Dawg McGovern Andrew
810 Men’s Big Dawg Fisher Adam
901 Men’s Big Dawg Spangler Tucker
902 Men’s Big Dawg Walsh Zachary
903 Men’s Big Dawg Davis Tony
907 Men’s Big Dawg Kozakiewicz Thomas
908 Men’s Big Dawg Norwood Michael
909 Men’s Big Dawg Ahmad Isaam