Look Who's Erupting?


Look Who's Erupting?

What an amazing weekend of accomplishments outside of the gym this past weekend!!!

Kelly Seckman – Fight Gone Angie

Kelly kicked ass in yesterday’s workout. She had a goal of completing all 400 reps within the allotted time frame, and she met her goal. She never stopped moving during that workout and I was really impressed. Her effort didn’t go unnoticed. Thanks! Tori

Roland Thorpe – Philly 1/2 Marathon

He completed the Philly half marathon in 2 hours 34 minutes.  This is a whopping 27 minutes faster than last year. “I am most proud to say that Crossfit helped me remain injury free this race season!!!!!  This was the first time in 3 years that I have been injury free the entire race season.”

Christine Roche – 2nd Annual Charm City Strongwoman Contest 2013

1st place in her division!!!

We would love to hear all about your accomplishments that we may not be there to witness ourselves both in an outside the gym!! Please send them to us so we can share in your joy!!