Look Who's Erupting!!!


Look Who's Erupting!!!

Major PRs this past week!!! P1560848

Tre Weitzel never really focused on box jumps before and then pushed himself way beyond to doing the 30.5 inch box for the first time.

– Lisa Weitzel



Kim Studeman took a flying leap of faith and jumped on the 18″ box to 24” box.

– Lisa Weitzel


P1570358 Stanlee Lipkin went 6 inches over her past record to do an 18 in box jump. There was a considerable amount of visual intimidation that she got past by not looking at the box when she jumped up on it.


Jessie Miller was worried about the 24 and after a few attempts not only jumped the 24, but went to 25 and then 26.


Kate Manchester had only done 20in boxes a few times since she is newer to CrossFit and she didn’t let the 24in scare her, blowing by that to hit a 26in PR.


Jessie and Kate were on a roll. If we had more time they may have hit 30!

 – Annie McMahon


Here’s a shout out for Abigail Schmidt who rx’ed Christine last week by doing body weight on the dead lifts!

Abby has typically shied away from heavier weights, but with no prompting from me loaded up the bar and executed 36 picture perfect bodyweight dead lifts while rowing 500m and doing 20″ box jumps!

Way to go Abby!

– Susan Simpson