Look Who's Erupting!!


Look Who's Erupting!!

Saturday, October 26th was a big day for our Arenalians!!


Monkeys in the gym. Kim, Stacey, and Betsy had some major monkey breakthroughs on Saturday, with all of them commanding the respect of the rope, and conquering the mental hold ups that had held them back in the past. Kim had made it up the rope previously last week, but she had a major breakthrough with getting down the rope. The up was great, but the down looked graceful, and dare I say it, easy! Stacey just returned to us from an amazing vacay in England and Spain.  I don’t know what’s in the water over there, but she came in ready to do some serious work on her second workout back. She got 3 full rope climbs just as the workout called for. Betsy came in using some pretty bad language, at one point she used the C word….Can’t. She did the first 2 rounds with beginner rope climbs. Something inside of her switched for the 3rd and Betsy knew she wanted to try to scale the Manila monster. Her start was strong, but halfway up the fear grew stronger. After about 5 seconds of Stacey, Kim, and I telling her she couldn’t turn around now, she motored up to the top securing her position as one of the toughest CrossFit grandmas we have the pleasure of training with. They all agreed that everything else that day was going to be a piece of cake, and walked out of the door with a sense of achievement that doesn’t come unless you succeed at something that scares the heck out of you. -Coach Geoff Blake [gallery ids="44939,44933,44962"]

2nd Place Finishers – CrossFit Arenal Team Huge Pretzel (Hughes, Prosser, and Weitzel) at the Charm City Throwdown!!

Michael Hughes, Kayla Hughes, Ben Prosser, and Tori Weitzel gave it their all in 4 WODs throughout the day on Saturday and claimed a podium spot at the Charm City Throwdown hosted by Outsiders CrossFit. [gallery ids="45014,45015"] WAY TO GO GUYS AND GIRLS!!!  We are very proud of everyone!!!]]>