Look Who's Erupting!!!


Look Who's Erupting!!!

Stephanie Morris

WOD:       As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:

3 Power Snatches @ 75% of 1 RM 3 Pull Ups 6 Push Ups 9 Jump Touches – 12″ above your maximum reach

Have you seen Stephanie recently???  Wow- she looks awesome. On Wednesday she accomplished the WOD in a great time.  But what was awesome about her that night was that she really really challenged herself in the following ways: 1.  Used less resistance in her banded pull ups then she normally does. 2.  In her push up- she brought those elbows in along side her body and executed them with perfect form, no slumping at all.  This was the first time she had done push ups this way. 3.  Surprised herself by how much weight she was able to power snatch realizing that she had made significant gains in her strength and capability with that complex movement. 4.  Did those jumps.  Apparently she hates the touch jumps a lot.  But she finished every last one. Shes a quiet one. But man does she get the work done- with a smile on her face 😀 -Jen M Stephanie Morris]]>