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How does food effect your everyday function and weight loss/gain goals? Here is a good read we’d like to share:

Imagine a coal fired train at speed. Imagine you scoop half of the coal needed at speed. You’ll probably do well for a bit, but eventually the train will slow down, unable to keep up. The only thing that will keep that train moving is fuel, and the less you give won’t stall it, but it will slow, and can be hard to speed back up.

When we eat our ideal calories, we are burning what we eat, plus a little extra, at prime metabolism. When we consistently eat less, our metabolism ends up slowing down like that train, and causes stalling faster and more often. Best to give yourself every advantage by bringing your metabolism up to speed.

Train to LIVE through your nutrition. You can undo all of your hard work and effort in the gym with a poor eating lifestyle. Let us coach you in this aspect of your fitness. Feel better, look better, and perform better both in and outside the gym with our macro nutrient coaching guidance.

You will have direct access to a coach who will walk you through each step of the way of your nutrition journey. Contact owners Lauren and Donna for more details.

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