From the News: “A Gym is Where You Work Out. Everything Else is Optional.”


From the News: “A Gym is Where You Work Out. Everything Else is Optional.”

Please take the time to read this article from the New York Times. It focuses on how a Long Island gym and its community adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

man tying shoes in living room with weight

Just like the gym featured in this article, we have worked hard to continue to provide workout options in several formats based on individual comfort levels. In March, at the beginning of the pandemic, we went virtual within two days and have continued providing virtual options while other gyms have since eliminated that platform. 

COVID-19 has not presented any of us with an ideal lifestyle. We know how challenging it is to manage family, school, work, household tasks, etc., but there are positives if we look for them. For instance, Zoom workouts offer human interaction with people outside of your family and work, distracts you from “responsibilities” and provides a HUGE mental and physical boost to get you through COVID and life in general.

Arenal Fitness has been there for you for the last ten years, the last nine months, and we will be there for you through the winter. One day and one workout at a time, we will come out stronger and more resilient on the other side of these most difficult times. We can all pull through this together whether in-real-life (IRL) or virtually!

Don’t miss your workouts!  It’s the one thing you can control and do for yourself!

Strength in teamwork!