Congratulations to Mark Nesky, Kendra Irwin, Donna Pierce, and Aldona Glemza for putting their training to the test “Out Of The Box”!!

Mark was the creator of the inception of our OCT, Obstacle Course Training, class at 5:30am on Wednesdays.  Mark put his training to the test at the ultimate obstacle course race oversees. He crossed the Atlantic all the way to London, England to participate in the Obstacle Course Race World Championships.

Congratulations to Kendra Irwin who completed the 2019 Baltimore Marathon!!!  What you may not know is that while most people do training runs up to about 20 or so miles give or take to be able to complete a marathon, 26.2 miles, Kendra used the Baltimore Marathon as a training run to complete her second 50 miler.  WOW!!! No wonder Kendra fits right in with our crazy Arenal family! 🙂

Donna Pierce put her heart valve to the test yet another time.  She was part of a relay team that competed in the Waco Ironman in Texas this past weekend. Her teammates were fellow 2019 Donate Life Rose Bowl float riders – a lung recipient and a living kidney donor. They completed this race to honor 2 other float riders who unfortunately lost their lives this year since they were all together at Rose Bowl Parade.  If you look closely at their uniforms, you will see the names of the two honorees along with each of the 3 organ donor companies who provided their team’s transplanted tissue and organs. Check out the local news story on Team Organ Donor Motivation – click this link.

Congratulations to Aldona Glemza on completing the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon!!  Aldona currently personal trains with Susan Simpson, is an Ironman (check out her tattoo the next time you see her in the gym), and just hit a PR of 4 bodyweight chin-ups last week. Lots of milestones just in the past week!!!  Such drive, determination, and focus on training!! It certainly pays off!  

WAY TO GO Mark, Kendra, Donna, and Aldona!!! You really know how to “train to LIVE” as we say at Arenal Fitness, train for the “unknowable” as they say in CrossFit, and use the methodology of the CrossFit functional training we use in our gym to train for activities and life outside the gym!