Paleo Challenge Kick Off & Food Drive


Paleo Challenge Kick Off & Food Drive

We are just a few days away from the Paleo Challenge Kick Off Meeting being held this Saturday at 11:15am.  

Make sure you sign up soon! Even if you’re not 100% positive that the Challenge is for you…come to the meeting, learn more, and hear about what Paleo can do for you and has done for some of your fellow members who have taken on the Challenge before and adopted the Paleo lifestyle as a result. In addition we are very excited to help you start your Paleo journey by sponsoring a food drive for the Maryland Food Bank.  Please bring all your non-perishable food donations in between the 21st and the official start of the Challenge on the 28th for a mass drop off on the 30th.  This a great opportunity to take away some less than ideal foods and temptations out of your home while helping others.  Cash is also readily accepted and actually preferred by the Maryland Food Bank so for those of you already on the Paleo wagon you can also contribute.

See you on Saturday!