Personal Training

While our group classes are scalable for all levels, take your training and performance to the next level through our Personal Training Program. All eyes are on you when you have a private personal trainer. You can train to LIVE one-on-one or bring some friends and share the session to train to LIVE together. Your session is completely customized to your fitness needs, goals, and pace.

All of our personal trainers are independent contractors and set their own fees however, most of the hourly rates for personal training are standard. Personal training sessions are also provided a-la-carte. Clients are not obligated to commit to set packages such as 24 or 36 sessions. Clients can simply pick the number of sessions they’d like to pay for at one time and that is their “package”. All fees for Arenal Fitness programs and services are paid through our online billing system and retail store.

We want our Arenal Fitness family members to be able to adopt health and fitness as part of their lifestyles. This is why we have provided everyone with the least expensive pricing for a personal training session with the option for you to commit to the size package that works for you. We will not lock you into bulk packages to make you feel you are getting a discount when in fact you are not.

What we are providing is commitment to helping you meet your fitness goals. Buying sessions one at a time does not allow the trainer to dedicate a long-term planned regimen to meet your fitness goals and needs. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Commit to a plan for personal training, and your Arenal trainer will be with you every step of the way. Give us the opportunity to show you how you can improve in your everyday function for a more rewarding and healthy lifestyle.

The Arenal Fitness team appreciates your commitment to personal training and we want to reciprocate that commitment to you.

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