workout like rocky


(cue “Gonna Fly Now” 🎶 We are 4 weeks into the first stage of social distancing restrictions mandated by Governor Hogan.  This has certainly been an adjustment period for everyone and we have all had to find our new sense of normal.

There is so much out of our control right now and every day presents a new challenge but taking care of ourselves is something that we CAN control.  Taking care of ourselves also allows us to be at our best for others.

When Arenal Fitness was mandated to shut down, we wanted to make sure that our Arenal Fitness family had options.  It was extremely important to us that when everything was spiraling out of control in each of our lives, we wanted to be a touch stone and allow you to maintain some consistency in your life.  We know how important working out is to all of you and so we tried to quickly provide viable options for all of you. Within 48 hours, we changed to a virtual gym holding Zoom classes 7 days per week as well as virtual personal training by appointment.  We also created an equipment library so that you have items to use for your in-home workouts.

Many of you jumped right in with us and we can’t thank you enough for your willingness and flexibility to engage in our current platform.

Others have said that the virtual world isn’t for them or they are working in the virtual world all day and are just tired of being on the computer, tablet, or phone.  We totally get it and know that the situation is not ideal but at the same time, we can’t tell you how wonderful it is to log in, coach a class, or do a session and see your faces.  You are all so important to us and seeing each of you is our inspiration to work harder and to make sure that Arenal comes out of this on the other side stronger and better than ever.

From those that have been following our virtual platform, we have received so many positive comments and everyone is genuinely surprised by what a great workout they are getting even with little to no equipment.

Let’s get back to the basics and the foundation of CrossFit.  The reason that affiliates are called Boxes is because all you need is a simple Box to workout in. You need a room with little to no equipment but most importantly, it is the amazing people inside.  We always say that there would be no US if it wasn’t for YOU. If you aren’t already, now is the time to get back on track and keep yourself as healthy as you possibly can. Here’s a little inspiration for you, and remember that Stallone did that in a leather jacket and Ugg boots. No excuses.

Contact Lauren, Donna, or any member of our team to let us help you find your new virtual fitness path, [email protected]