Strength & Stretch Yoga at Arenal Fitness


Strength & Stretch Yoga at Arenal Fitness

Strength & Stretch Yoga

When: Mondays 8-9am Wednesdays 11-12, 6:30-7pm Fridays 11-12 Cost:  Use your All Access Pass (10 class punchcard) or purchase a drop-in. The 6:30pm class on Wednesday’s is part of your All Inclusive membership! Requirements:  No experience required.  All levels welcome! Register in our online system prior to attending so that we know to expect you!  Class sign-ups are available 72 hours prior to the scheduled class.

Expand your Idea of Yoga

by our new Yoga instructor, Katie Capon

Many people hear the term yoga and right away think things such as, “I’m not a pretzel”, “ I’m not spiritual”, “isn’t that for hippies?” The answer is, Yoga is for EveryOne, EveryBody! What you take from yoga is completely dependant on yourself. Yoga is a very physical practice that works the body in new ways and helps with many of your already practiced fitness routines. If you are a runner, doing yoga will be a wondrous practice for your hamstrings. A few poses before hitting the treadmill or the street and you will truly see a difference. Practicing what is known as warrior pose will deepen your squat, giving you a greater range of motion. Many times in a class people will feel, Is this really yoga? Yoga does not have to be slow paced; it does not have to be quiet. Yoga can be fun, energetic, fast moving, muscle building and sweat drenching. Strength and Stretch Yoga will take you through many of the fundamental yoga poses, first breaking them down and then speeding them up. We’ll manipulate these asanas and arrange them in an order to produce cardio and strength training, while still steadying the mind and focusing on the breath. This will be a whole body workout that will use the body in new ways but if you welcome the unfamiliar your body will the reap benefits. Accept this Challenge, push your limits and take a moment to smile at the change.  About Katie: I have been practicing yoga for the past four years, and in the beginning I was probably very much like some of you, I hated it. My first class was slow, included a lot of seated stretches and well, just bored me. I decided to commit to the practice after hearing so much about it and once I found Vinyasa Yoga I was hooked. Vinyasa Yoga is when you match breath with movement and have a continuous string of motion strung together to always keep you in action. This was what I had been looking for; I was challenged, I was sore at times and I knew my body needed this. Originally Yoga was a hobby I loved and marketing was my full-time job. I decided in 2014 though to take a leap of faith and get my RYT 200 Certification through Charm City Yoga under the teachings of Kim Manfredi and Camille Moses-Allen. Life has been a whirlwind but I’ve never been happier and I’ve never been healthier. I look forward to meeting all of the Arenal Community and spreading this practice to new practitioners, experienced ones and all that falls in between.    ]]>