Thanksgiving Day WOD


Thanksgiving Day WOD

Turkey Day WOD:

4 Rounds:

T – Tuck Jumps, 8 reps H – Hip Extension, 25 reps A – Abmat Sit-ups, 25 N – Ninja roll-up, 5 reps (lay flat on ground, roll back bringing legsbehind head, roll forward and come to a standing squat position (athletic stance). K – Kipping Pull-Up (Jumping Pull Up or band substitute), 8 reps S – Squat, 25 reps ! – Rope Climb, 1 (Beginner Rope Climb is substitute – lay flat on ground…can have bent legs or straight legs. Pull to standing, hand over hand, return to floor lowering self slowly Upon completion of 4 rounds complete (1) 400 meter run – sorry, we were 1 rep short 🙁

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!