The Maltz Challenge


The Maltz Challenge

The Maltz Challenge came to life in March of 2007 as the result of the mutual desire of several DEA personnel to honor Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and U.S. Coast Guard personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms.   This year DEA is honoring the following fallen heroes: Branch of Service       Rank                Name                           Date USMC                         LCPL              Justin D. McLeese      11-13-2004                  Iraq US Army                     PFC                 Matthew E. Wildes     08-27-2009                  Afghanistan US Army                     Specialist         William D. Smith        03-24-1971                  Vietnam CIA                             Para-Military   Darren LaBonte          12-30-2009                  Afghanistan US Army                     Specialist         Stephen W. Castner    07-24-2006                  Iraq US Army                     Corporal          Bernard P. Corpuz      06-11-2006                  Afghanistan US Navy                     SEAL              Danny Dietz                06-28-2005                  Afghanistan This year we hope to get 1000 participants, please join us! Who: Anyone. DEA personnel, other law enforcement personnel, military personnel, civilians of all walks of life.  This literally means anyone.

The Challenge consists of the following:

400 M Run

50 Pull Ups

100 M Fireman Carry OR 200 M Farmers Walk (50/25)

50 Dips

100 Push ups

50 Knees to Elbows

100 Sit Ups

400 M Run

Contact Lauren and Donna, [email protected], to participate.