Upcoming Event: Rucking + Functional Fitness


Upcoming Event: Rucking + Functional Fitness

Saturday, November 21st at 9 AM

Join Coaches Marcie and Andrew for a first-ever rucking experience at Arenal Fitness. We’re testing out some new offerings at the gym and invite you to be part of shaping future events.

What’s “Rucking?”

At its simplest, it’s walking with a weight, which could be a backpack, sandbag, kettlebell, you name it.

Check out this video about the activity and what it entails.

Source: GoRuck

The Details

We’ll meet outside the gym on the quarry side at 9 AM with our objects in-hand.

From there, we’ll walk to the 800M mark and stop every 200M to complete various movements with the object we’re carrying:

  • 200M: 20 squats
  • 400M: 15 shoulder to overhead
  • 600M: 10 burpees over the object
  • 800M: 5 thrusters

On the way back, we’ll repeat the same flow in reverse until returning to the gym.

Sign up ahead of time here on Mindbody.