Volcanic Activity Report – May 2010


Volcanic Activity Report – May 2010

Arenal Fitness Services Arenal Fitness offers a FUNctional training facility providing various training styles to suit your personal preferences.  Undecided what to do? Allow us to take you through a free demo to help steer you in the functional training direction suitable for you. Choose from 24/7 access General Membership for independent exercise, personal training, or CrossFit group classes.  Email or call us if you’d like to take advantage of a complimentary personal training session to try it out. Schedule Changes You asked for it, we responded!!

Beginning May 15th the following schedule changes will be made:
  • The 7am class on T/Th will now be held at 6:30am
  • We will be adding a 5:30pm class on T/Th

Save the Class In March we added an 8:30am and 7:00pm class to the schedule.  These have proven to not be the most popular class times but we don’t want to give up on them yet.  Tell your friends/family to start attending these class times so we can keep them on our schedule.  We need an average of 5 participants to save the class – let’s work together to accomplish this goal!!

We will review and make schedule adjustments again for the July 2010 class schedule.

Hand Care Several of you have tried out Versa Gripps and inquired whether or not we could get this product for you and your hand protection.  We CAN!!! However, the company dictates the sales price of their product so, we can only provide you with convenience of having them at Arenal Fitness but not at a discounted rate.  Click here for product info.

– Professional Series, Model PR 550 $52.50 – Classic Series, Model CL 500 $39.95 – Fit Series, Model FT 525 $52.50 Please realize we are only promoting using Versa Gripps for your hand protection. They will take away from increasing your actual grip strength because yes, they are that good. You will have to decide what is best for you, hand care or grip strength or a combination of both depending on the workout. We will be placing an order for them by May 15th.  Please email us, [email protected], and let us know what size, how many, and which model you would like. We have to order a minimum order of 6 pairs to be an authorized dealer. Thanks for all of your support.]]>