WOD for Monday 3/17/14


WOD for Monday 3/17/14

St. Patrick’s Day WOD March 17, 2014

Crohn’s Colitis Fundraiser


Warm up: 17 Murph’s Irish dancing toe taps with a partner – arms crossed at your chest, hands on shoulders, facing a partner, alternate legs tapping opposite toes with a partner. 17 jumping jacks 17 side skips Left & Right 17 Alternating Leprechaun side kicks 17’ over the rainbow bear crawl (it’s a regular bear crawl, just that your body is the imaginary rainbow to the pot of gold) Samson Stretch / Shoulder Pass Thrus Met-con – CROHNS: In teams of 2, each partner completes following. 1 person is working while 1 person is resting. Each person completes all 17 reps of the exercise before moving to the next exercise. For time: 3 rounds 17 reps per round Carry (a pot full of gold farmers carry) 170m Rx 55/35; Pack 45/25, Puppies 35/15, BC 25/5 Ring rows – Rx feet under the rings, scale feet distance accordingly Over your partner – jump over your partner who is in a plank position Hand release push ups Ninja roll ups (split 17 reps between partners) – click here for example Squats (air) As a team, roll the drinking die between each round. Drinks on die are split between partners. Beer, Whiskey and Seltzer Water are available. If you are wearing green, you get to pick a coin from the pot of gold for a prize.

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