WOD for Wednesday, 3/20/19


WOD for Wednesday, 3/20/19

Strength: Snatch 10 minute EMOM Start with 70% of max and try to build as you go Snatch Grip Deadlift Hang Snatch Shrug Hang Power Snatch 2 Overhead Squats

Met-Con: AMRAP 15: 15 Hang Power Snatches (lower bar to the knees and go!) 60 Double Unders or 90 seconds of double under practice 15 Overhead Squats 30/21 Calorie Row

Bodyweight Bootcamp: 5 Rounds: With a 2 minute running clock, run 10 shuttle runs (10m) and with remaining time perform as many sit ups as possible. Rest 30 seconds between rounds. Score is number of sit ups completed per round.

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #6

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