WOD for Wednesday 5/25/11


WOD for Wednesday 5/25/11

We don’t usually post all of the scaling options in the actual WOD post but, today is different.  We want you to see that we did “Angie” a bit different today and really focused on quality reps rather than quantity.  Not that we don’t normally focus on quality but, we wanted to break the cycle of tons of reps just for the sake of doing tons of reps and get back to the basics of biomechanical movements.

Rx is just that – full body weight movements without any assistance.  As soon as you need a band or to touch your feet to the floor to start the movement of your pull up, you are scaling to a Puppy or Buttercup.  As soon as you elevate your hands or angle your body off of the floor for a push up, you are scaling to a Puppy or Buttercup.  In other words, don’t do 100 reps of a jumping pull up or elevated push ups.  You need to push your form and intensity of the exercise and do fewer reps to see improvement rather than doing “crappy” Rx # of reps.  GET IT?

Make every rep perfect Pull ups: Full extension at bottom. Head over bar on each rep (not just chin) Pushups: Full body touch at bottom, full extension at top(press down with your shoulders) Sit ups: Ab Mat if you have one, otherwise unanchored full ranges Squats: Sink well below parallel full extension at top. Do not be satisfied giving up the lumbar curve in the bottom position or not fully extending the hips in the top.

“Angie” For time: 100 Pull-ups 100 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups 100 Squats

Big Dawgs: As Rx’d

Pack: Same rules apply for form. 50-75 Pull ups 50-75 Push ups 50-75 Sit ups 50-75 Squats

Puppies and Buttercups: For time: 20 Pull-ups or 25 Beginner Pull ups or 30 Jumping Pull ups 20 Push-ups or 30 Box Push ups or 35 Wall Push ups 20 Sit ups (do not do crunches) 20-50 Squats (depending on ability)