WOD for Friday, 6/13/14


WOD for Friday, 6/13/14


3 Rounds: Push Jerk, 5 reps, try to increase by 2.5-5lbs from last time Rest 1 minute Carry:  100 foot Bear Crawl with Kettlebells Rest 1-2 minutes


80% 1rm – 20/14

11 AMRAP 5 Plyo Pushups 3 Escalating WBs (8′-9′-10′) 1 Power Snatch

Plyo pushups are done between two plates.  Somewhere between push from the floor and full extension the hands simultaneously move to the plates.  Escalating wb is done by throwing to 8 feet then 9 feet then 10 feet. 

Repeat 3 times per round. 

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #2

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