WOD Monday, 9/20/10


WOD Monday, 9/20/10

We usually only post the actual WODs on our website.  However, most of the time there are other things that go on during our classes, such as skill practice.

Sometimes it’s nice to just practice our technique and form in a non-rushed atmosphere when the clock is not running and we are not in the midst of our workout.  It’s a time to try and push ourselves out of our comfort zones and try to jump on a higher box than we would normally in a WOD.  This is a great way to improve and feel comfortable advancing to the next level.

Today’s practice was box jumps.  Our CFitters amazed themselves on what they could accomplish.  Check out some of the pix.

Skill Practice: Box Jumps (work on jumping to the next higher box or adding a riser or plate to the box you are currently using)

WOD: 15-12, and 9 rep rounds of: Back squat BW Handstand push-up

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