WOD for Saturday, 2/14/15


WOD for Saturday, 2/14/15

Valentine’s Partner & Friends & Family WOD: Using the same med ball for each exercise. 14 minute AMRAP: reps divided evenly: 14 Partner Push Ups 14 Partner Alternating Wall Ball 14 Partner Alternating Situp W/ Med Ball Tosses 14 Partner Alternating Med Ball Burpee Chest Passes 14 Partner Lateral jumps

Finisher upon completion of AMRAP: complete a 1 x 400 med ball toss & run.  One partner tosses the med ball, they both run to it, other partner tosses the med ball, etc. 


Full Body Stretching Series #2

CF Striking WOD:

4 Repeats with 1 minute rest between 3 Rounds 5 Box Jumps 10 Combos (1-2-3-4) 5 Parallelette Hops 10 Roundhouses

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