WOD Saturday, 2/26/11


WOD Saturday, 2/26/11

Read this carefully…major team WOD today!!!  Oh what fun it is to start your weekend off with TEAMWORK!!!

CF Class Team WOD:

Teams of five compete against one another. Each member of a teamstarts on a different station. The person on the rower sets the pace for the rotation on each team. Stations are as follows and teams will rotate accordingly:

Row 300m


Kettlebell Swings (kettlebell deadlifts for guests)


rest station

The idea is to keep a running tally at the pushup, kettlebell and sit-upstations for a total of 20 minutes. At random times throughout the WOD, the coach will yell out “Burpees” at which point each person, including the rower, will do 5 burpees before continuing on.

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