WOD for Saturday, 5/31/14


WOD for Saturday, 5/31/14


3 Rounds Turkish Get-ups, 2 reps per side Rest 1 minute Carry, 100 meters Waiter’s Walk, switch arms at halfway point Rest 1-2 minutes


“Death by 10meters” As many rounds as possible- 10m sprint. Add one sprint each round…  1st min 10m, 2nd 2x10m, 3rd 3x10m,…. Each round is 1 minute. Rest until beginning of next minute. Stop when you do not finish during a round.

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #5


“Mystery” 800 m run for time Then 8 rounds:

running intervals- 45 seconds running 15 seconds of a body weight movement- broad jumps, lunges, squats, crab walk, and others!


dodge ball

CF Striking WOD:

4 AMRAP 5 GTOs w/ plate 10 Combos (1-4) Rest 1 min 4 AMRAP 5 Slamballs 10 Combos (2-3) Rest 1 min 4 AMRAP 5 Burpees 10 Knees (split) Rest 1 min 4 Rounds 30 seconds ME Hammers 30 seconds rest

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