WOD for Thursday, 2/5/15


WOD for Thursday, 2/5/15

Partner Workout!! As a team of three Buy in:  150 Walking Lunges (each leg = 1 rep) – each person completes 50 reps, should be done simultaneously.   Everyone on team must finish their lunges then: Complete 15 rounds for time of: One person completes a round while the others rest.  Each team member is responsible for 5 rounds. 30 Double Unders 10 Pull-ups – Competitor = chest to bar pull-ups 5 Power Cleans, 115/95

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #3

CF Striking WOD:

Running on a tabata clock, where 10s rest is used to transition.  Cycle through until all work complete.  When a station is complete, do not rest.  Shorten the cycle.

The calorie row is for a cumulative 100 calories.
Calorie Row (Strapless)
150 Combos (1-2-3-4)
Calorie Row (Strapless)
100 Knees (Split)
Calorie Row (Strapless)
50 Burpees
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