WOD, Thursday 4/15/10


WOD, Thursday 4/15/10

Chipper: a string of different exercises done one after another, once through for time. It is named chipper because, afterwards you feel like you have been through a wood chipper. Today’s WOD was a Chipper called “Filthy Fifties”.  That means 50 reps of each of the following exercises:

Box Jumps 24″/20″

Jumping Pull-ups

Kettlebell Swings 35lb/25lb

Walking Lunges

Knees to Elbows

Push Press 45lb/35lb

Back Extensions

Wall Ball 20lb/14lb


Double Unders

The evening class had the benefit of making   it here just in time for our “Happy Hour”.  Prior to starting the WOD, everyone had to drink a Beergarita, the official drink of Arenal Fitness.  We think it helped with their performance 🙂