WOD Thursday 6/7/12


WOD Thursday 6/7/12

What an awesome team WOD for our KBellers and yet another opportunity to practice our “kipping burpee” that we posted on Tuesday, 6/6/12.

CF Class WOD: ” Medusa “ 3 Rounds For Time: 25 Power Snatches (65, 45) 50 Walking Lunges 75 Double Unders

KB Class WOD: Each team must accumulate: 200 double unders – sub with tuck jumps 75 Kettlebell swings 50 KB Sumo Deadlift high pulls 50 Burpees One partner can be accumulating reps. The other partner must run 200m, then they trade spots and the other partner picks up where the first partner left off. This will continue until the team has accumulated all of their reps for each exercise.

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