WOD for Thursday, 8/14/14


WOD for Thursday, 8/14/14

Partner Workout!!

6 Minute AMRAP -1 Round of Cindy -Power Clean Rest 1 6 Minute AMRAP -1 Round of Cindy -Dumbbell Snatch Rest 1 6 Minute AMRAP -1 Round of Cindy -Russian Swings

One partner begins with a round of “cindy”.  While it is being performed, the other partner completes as many power cleans as possible.  When a round of “cindy” is complete, the partners switch.  This pattern continues for the subsequent amraps.  “Cindy” continues into the next amrap wherever she left off with the same partner.  Each BB, DB, and KB rep equals one point.  Every full round of “cindy” equals 10 points.


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Full Body Stretching Series #4

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