WOD for Thursday, 9/18/14


WOD for Thursday, 9/18/14


3 Rounds Front Squat, 5 reps Rest 1 minute Dips, 5-10 reps Rest 1-2 minutes


Partner “Angie with Annie” – split reps evenly, only one partner working at a time. 50 DU’s 100 Pull ups 100 Push ups 100 sit ups 100 squats 50 DU’s

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #4

CF Striking WOD:

Running on a tabata clock, where 10s rest is used to transition.  Cycle through until all work complete.  When a station is complete, do not rest.  Shorten the cycle. The calorie row is for a cumulative 100 calories. Calorie Row (Strapless) 150 Combos (1-2-3-4) Calorie Row (Strapless) 100 Knees (Split) Calorie Row (Strapless) 50 Burpees

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