WOD for Tuesday, 12/23/14


WOD for Tuesday, 12/23/14

Strength: Back Squat 1×3 at 70% 1RM 1×3 at 80%  1×3 at 90% Rest 1 minute Choose a “Pull” Bodyweight Progression.   Pull-Up, Ring Row, or Muscle Up Transition Rest 1-2 minutes

Met-con: 7th Night

“Dreidel” – Dreidel is Yiddish for a spinning top. A dreidel is a pointed, four-sided top which can be made to spin on its pointed base.  A dreidel is marked with four Hebrew letters: Nun, Gimel, Hei and Shin. These letters stand for the Hebrew phrase “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham”, a great miracle happened there, referring to the miracle of the oil. It is customary to play dreidel games on the holiday of Chanukah.

3 RFT; Spin the dreidel to determine reps per exercise: 1st spin = N reps 2nd spin = G reps 3rd spin = H reps 4th spin = S reps

Never forget burpees GHD Sit Ups Hip extension Snatches with KB (reps are p/arm) 55/35


Full Body Stretching Series #3

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